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An extensive diamond drilling program provided initial information on the potential value and quality of API’s West Pilbara Fines (WPF) product.  A bulk sampling campaign has been completed where API sunk a total of 9 small shafts (also known as “winzes”) across several of the WPIOP Stage 1 deposits. 

Winzes were established at the Kens Bore (3), Upper Cane (3), Trinity Bore (1) and Catho Well (2) deposits to provide a sample that is representative of WPF product.  Each winze had an opening of 2m x 1m and a vertical total of 200m of ore was mined at 1.5m intervals.  The individual winze depths ranged from 6m to 40m.  Blasting procedures were designed to simulate large scale drill and blast mining. 

All interval samples were individually processed through pilot sized crushing and screening equipment to replicate a full scale plant.  Each interval sample was thoroughly mixed to ensure the integrity of chemistry and sizing to guarantee the quality of the final blended WPF sample that is prepared for testing by potential customers.


PQ Diamond Core Samples