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The project is a substantial infrastructure and iron ore export operation proposed for the Pilbara region of Western Australia (Location map). Stage 1 of the project is based on pisolite iron ore deposits located 30km to 85km south west of Pannawonica. There is potential for considerable growth in subsequent stages underpinned by total JORC iron ore resources in excess of 2 billion tonnes and ongoing exploration across the prospective and extensive tenement portfolio in the west Pilbara. 

Project Definition 

Stage 1 of the project is envisaged to comprise:

  • Iron ore mining and export at a rate of ~40 million tonnes per annum
  • Simultaneous mining of multiple pisolite deposits located on the western region of the Hamersley Ranges
  • A 245km heavy haul railway from the mine area to a port location at Anketell Point, 25km east of Karratha
  • A new deepwater port at Anketell Point