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The Project straddles the boundary of the Ashburton and Hamersley  Basins of the Pilbara Craton. The Ashburton Basin predominantly comprises lithologies  of the early Proterozoic, (2000Ma) Wyloo Group. The Hamersley Basin is predominantly late Archaean and Lower Proterozoic (2800-2300Ma) sedimentary rocks constituting the southern flank of the Pilbara Craton. The rocks have undergone a complex structural evolution with the dominant event, the Opthalmia Orogeny, resulting in the development of major folds and thrusts associated with north-directed thrusting.

The Wyloo Group which forms the basement to all of the Channel Iron Deposits in the Project unconformably overlies the Hamersley Group. The Wyloo Group records large-scale subsidence of the Pilbara craton, accompanied by initial waning, then increase, in terrigenous supply.